Kits for sliding closet doors a revolution for your home

When it comes to revolutionizing your home, solutions should give you more space, comfort and look great. And to achieve this it is not necessary to have big changes. Below you will see what is possible with a kit for sliding closet doors. Sliding doors in cabinets and storage spaces in your home help substantially in making the most of the area. Whether they are suspended or supported, just the fact of opening without the need for extra space is an exponential improvement, unlike folding or common doors. In any case, it does not matter if you want to install a new wardrobe or renovate one that has a different door system. A kit is versatile enough for you to place it in multiple scenarios, be it modular, built-in or another type. On the other hand, nowadays you don’t need to be a DIY expert to install a kit for sliding closet doors. Thus, these systems, like the ones offered by Emuca, are very easy to implement and are designed so that you can regulate them according to your needs.

What is a kit for sliding closet doors

A kit for sliding closet doors are a group of pieces and profiles necessary for you to install a sliding door system in your wardrobe without needing anything more than the panels of the material you want. This allows the doors to slide one behind the other overlapping, which is a huge advantage. In the event that it bothers you that they block one side of the wardrobe, there are also systems that allow three leaves of a smaller size, reducing this space.
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Kit for sliding closet doors according to their opening mechanism

The mechanisms of the kit for sliding closet doors can vary into three main types, depending on the guides and where the door is attached. These are the following:

Sliding doors with suspended anchors

This suspended system of sliding doors consists of a series of rails on which the wheels that are fixed to the board are supported, bearing the entire weight of the leaf and keeping it hidden behind the cupboard in its upper part. In addition, so that the door maintains its verticality, these systems have a lower guide, where the board is wedged and also completely secures by means of a mechanism.

Bottom Rolling Sliding Doors

In the case of these bottom rolling sliding door systems. They work by means of bearings that are placed on rails and the door would be safely supported on it. While to maintain verticality they use upper guides that do not support weight, but ensure the board against tipping.

Recessed sliding door system

This sliding door kit for fitted wardrobes is less common. However, it offers its utility in that the door guides and supports are installed in the false ceiling, remaining totally hidden.

Advantages of installing a kit for sliding closet doors

When you install a kit for sliding closet doors you get many advantages. Not only do you gain space because they are sliding. If you are not very clear here we will tell you:
  • This type of door system is very simple to install, you only need a few tools and a little time so that everything is in excellent condition. In the case of Emuca systems, the pieces are designed for easy assembly in an intuitive way.
  • A cabinet with these types of doors offers a clear and clean view, even when its doors are open.
  • If it is a closet that has many elements, sliding doors will keep everything hidden in an aesthetic way, whether you use it in the kitchen, in your bedroom or bathroom, improving the appearance of the area.
  • Its operation exposes elegance and if the system has a soft closing mechanism, the cabinet will denote perfection.
  • The rails and mechanisms are kept hidden, offering a clear and clean view.
  • These systems are very versatile, so you can install them in almost any type of cabinet, even if you want the mechanism to be recessed into the ceiling.
  • It allows you to take advantage of small rooms and rooms where even folding doors can be inconvenient.
  • Lastly, you will save a lot of functional space and to dismantle the tops if you need to, with the Emuca systems it is very simple.

Kit for sliding closet doors are a complete solution

The convenience of opening a door smoothly and not having to be careful that it collides with other furniture is a great advantage. In addition, it allows you to organize your home with the installation of wardrobes in places that you would not be able to without this system! Check out the different kit for sliding closet doors that Emuca has to offer you.

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