How can good kitchen handles change your life?

Among the most important spaces in the home, the kitchen is among the first places. And it is that even if we are not cooking, it is very likely that you will receive your visitors in this space to share an appetizer or open a bottle of wine. The truth is that it has been shown that one of the busiest places is the kitchen. For this reason, the elements that compose it will change the daily life of the people who live in that home, such as good kitchen handles. At this point we enter a very specific section, but keep in mind how many times the pantries and kitchen drawers are opened. Now imagine that you have to do it with uncomfortable, inelegant, easily scratched handles. This is when we can show you how good kitchen handles can change your daily life.
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What good kitchen handles should have

Good kitchen handles in addition to the obvious functionality of allowing them to be opened. They also provide personality and decoration, since it is not enough for it to be comfortable if we do not like its aesthetic finish. With this example we want to emphasize that there are multiple aspects that influence the classification of good kitchen handles. From the style, quality, materials and extra features that never hurt on a day-to-day basis. Plus, we’ll discuss how each feature can make or break your quality of life in the kitchen.

Material of good kitchen handles

The most basic thing is the choice of materials, since this will determine how much we will clean the handles, how resistant they are to impact and also part of their appearance.


Zamak is a metal composed of an alloy of zinc, magnesium, aluminum and copper, which offers several advantages. One of them is that its cost is cheap and its initial finish is matte, so it is less likely to be marked by fingerprints. Remember that many models have a bath of other metals. The finish is very good and they are becoming more and more popular in kitchens. However, they are less hard than other materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.


Aluminum is the most purchased material when it comes to handles, and this has to do with it because it is a midpoint between economics, resistance and aesthetic finish. These handles, since they are more resistant to corrosion, will take away the worry that their appearance will deteriorate over time or that they will scratch easily.

Stainless steel

When it comes to materials, stainless steel handles will change your life with their resistance and you will most likely never have to change them because they have been damaged. It is more feasible that it is because you want to change the decorative style. What must be taken into account is that they are more likely to get dirty with traces of touch and cleaning, although it is easy, should be more frequent.

Handles of other materials

There are not only metal handles: there are also wood, acrylic, porcelain and other materials. Each one has mainly aesthetic and decorative advantages, since none of these resist shocks or humidity as much as metal. Some drawer handles that are made of porcelain will have a phenomenal finish that will change the life of your kitchen. On the other hand, you will have to be very careful with the blows so that it does not ruin it.
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Good kitchen handles: quality and durability

Quality is a fundamental factor for a handle to positively change your life and that of your kitchen furniture, and although this is closely linked to the material, it is also closely linked to the design and method of anchoring, too. As you use kitchen cabinet handles countless times a day, think of the impact they will have. Thus, a low-quality shooter will be damaged by smoke, hand sweat, among others. Aesthetics is also included within quality: it is not pleasant that in the space where you spend a considerable amount of time during the day you come across some drawer handles that you dislike when you see them or that do not combine with the rest of the elements. This is why choosing good kitchen handles can change your life, even if you don’t consciously reflect on it. Each element of the home influences the state of mind and the quality of life, even more so if you have constant contact with it.

Size and distance functionality

The size, design and distance of the handles directly influence the experience you will have when opening and closing your kitchen cabinets. If the handle is very small in proportion to the drawer, it will be difficult to open it and even overexertion can impact the wrists. In this aspect, it is convenient to take into account the size and proportion of the handles with respect to the kitchen furniture so that they are comfortable when using them. Another functional solution are the popular hidden handles, which consist of designs that are inserted into the top of the drawer and, although they cannot be seen, they can be very comfortable due to the large area for pulling. At Emuca we have a wide varietyvariety of kitchen furniture handles that you can find in our catalogue. With diverse materials, decorative styles and all with a quality that characterizes us!

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